Rhiannon Bell

Dr. Rhiannon Bell

Dr. Rhiannon Bell is the Director of Aftercare for A21, a global anti-human trafficking organization. Rhiannon oversees a global team of social workers who provide holistic aftercare support to survivors of human trafficking. As a Clinical Psychologist, Rhiannon is driven by a passion to bring healing and restoration to brokenness and see people live their best life. 

Rhiannon previously worked in private practice in Australia for nine years where she served as Acting Clinical Director at the Psychology Cafe and was involved in the development of group-based emotional resiliency and post-traumatic growth interventions for victims of war, human trafficking, and natural disaster. Rhiannon received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Bachelor of Psychological Science from The University of Queensland. Her doctorate thesis investigated risk and protective factors against engagement in deliberate self-harm behaviors. 

As an Aussie girl, Rhiannon, is a lover of good coffee, authenticity, and vegemite on toast!