Cheryl Salem

Dr. Cheryl Salem is a wife, mother, grandmother, author, singer, minister and, most of all, a worshiper of the most high God. Her newest praise and worship CD "Teach Us How to Pray!" is powerfully anointed. Harry and Cheryl have been preaching across this country together for more than 35 years. The heartbeat of Salem Family Ministries beats souls, souls, souls for the kingdom of God!

Cheryl is a true warrior and has overcome sexual abuse, being crippled from a car wreck, the home going of her 6 year old daughter, cancer and many other obstacles of this life giving God glory for each victory. A former Miss America, Cheryl loves this nation with a passion and her heart cries out for Christ to be the center of this great nation. She is gathering women from coast to coast asking them to stand with her in prayer for this nation! She has written over 36 books, "Women Of The Nation Pray!" being her latest one.